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Documentation files related to ANB is place in this digital documents. The info's written here are for community and educational purposes and is subject to change for improvement.

Welcome to ANB Blockchain

ANB (Access Next Blockchain) is an open and access blockchain. Its mainnet runs ANB application with 5 seconds (1 block) smart transaction finality, 0 seconds tx finality to emphasize the essentiality of staking and validating to more authority access time to secure and verify transactions to protect the system. ANB Blockchain made it possible to have the lowest gas fee in the market to help the community grasp and adapt to the change.
ANB is an open platform with a decentralized exchange bridge that will speed up the transfer of assets and collectibles. The Access DEX bridge named (PICASWAP) offers the fastest route to Binance and other chains leading it directly to exchanges without wasting any time. Our bridge is the ACCESS given for the community to acquire more assets aside from our DEX within our ANB chain.
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