ANB Blockchain summary
The idea of reaching out to the community is the root of this intuitive project. Aiming to make a difference by creating a blockchain that could give every developer's a platform where they can learn blockchain within a lesser gas fee ecosystem. Access Next Blockchain is an Ethereum based blockchain, permissionless and having an ANB IBFT consensus algorithm with on-chain governance and Proof of Authority (POA) is advanced Proof of Stake (POS) with a Bonsai Tries data storage structure that will speed up the transaction and save more data in the chain. This means that the user within the community has more access to all features and can have its validator giving access to vote and propose ideas that could enhance the system as well as earn a reward in different staking programs. Access Next Blockchain will also have its tokenized coin that will have 50% rewards allocated for community development, engagement, and innovation, 5 seconds block time, and 0.1 ANB reward release (rewards may vary upon staking programs imposed by ANB blockchain governance) staking reward programs.
Access Next Blockchain has come up with the solutions to several problems that the digital world has been facing for a long time including the high gas fees. "If there is a way to help the community by giving them access to this new technology in a sense of giving them a platform that focuses on their potentials, then the vision of this future blockchain is bright. ANB is a long-term plan project, which means, long years of service it will render to people at the same time the maintenance and its management is aiming to make it last and have unlimited access of possibilities a community could benefit from.
Access Next Blockchains is the "future". It has the potential to change everything around us and impact industries in an unprecedented way. Therefore, the next articles will give you in-depth documentation of the edge and features of advancement on the Access Next Blockchain. Details for ANB Coin ICO (Initial Cryptocurrency Offering) and IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) will be discussed on the next pages including ICO allocations and purposes. ANB Coin official launch will be held on January 5, 2022, at 12:00 pm UTC.
ANB Coin ICO Fund Allocation
Total ANB Coin
30 million
Total Fund
$ 61, 865, 000
Donation Vault
Digital Marketing
Projects and Developments
Key Purpose of ANB Coin ICO:
· ANB Blockchain is composed of community developers and ordinary people who wanted to get access to blockchain technology but were only given less privilege to learn it due to its complexity.
· Blockchain is a need, therefore a mass movement of cryptocurrency and blockchain advocates unite and agree to create a blockchain which humanity can benefit most not only to earn from trade and finance concept but also to align the core value of blockchain as a technology that can help the people.
ICO funds will be used for:
- Projects and Developments: ANB Blockchain planned to develop a blockchain Academy where young developers will be guided to develop meaningful and useful projects. Unlike
- other blockchains which allow rug-pulls to be deployed within their chain. ANB Blockchain wanted to give a standard to what blockchain technology is all about.
- Hackathon: is a form of competition for developers or groups of developers that engage in using blockchain to build solutions to current problems by means of developing a project with a real use case application. The fund in ICO will be used to set the price for the best project.
- Exchanges: ICO fund will be used to put the coin to immediate exchanges. ANB Coin allotted 30million for ICO, this simply means that the access is given for people to hold.
- Percent from ICO fund will also go to ANB Charity Vault fund: That fund is intended for incoming disasters and calamities that may occur in the future. ANB Blockchain is futuristic and preparing a safety vault for humanity. ANB Blockchain learns from pandemics, therefore it was built to teach people how to earn using the advancement of blockchain technology.
- Administrative Budget: ANB committee and management.
ANB Blockchain has a timely plan, advocacy ejected with wisdom and understanding of life’s uncertainty. Due to the painful event humanity is facing right now and due to the negative and wrongly blockchain and cryptocurrency strategies which other sectors have been using specifically “schemes” which is not part of the blockchain and causes misrepresentation. Hence, ANB is developed to right the wrongdoings of other sectors for common good and for the benefit of the people.
An IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) will also be held to deliver ANB Coin to higher exchanges which people will be given more access to earn.
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