Future Projects and Developments
Access Next Blockchain has a futuristic plan of developing Centralized and Decentralized Applications that could give the solution, convenience, sustainability, and financial freedom to the people. The following are the future projects in a centralized system but is subject to upgrading it to decentralized prior for innovation:
ANB Tok – a social media platform like Facebook and Twitter where people socialize and make connections at the same time integrating cryptocurrency to monetize and help people generate earnings. It is a video streaming platform like Tiktok. This platform is intended for vloggers and multi-talented individuals in the field of music and entertainment industry, as well as content creators whose' language to educate, is through videography. ANBTok will incorporate cryptocurrency monetization to support the talents and develop a metaverse star.
ANB Play – a streaming videos and movies having the same mechanism as Netflix and Amazon prime but with greater advantage for it is a decentralized app with educational purposes. Moviemakers and other educational videos can be uploaded directly.
ANB Online - an online shop platform like Amazon that accepts cryptocurrency as payments at the same time a platform where people can sell physical products on different categories and earn cryptocurrency.
ANB Meet – is a video conferencing suitable for virtual business seminars, meetings, online classes, functions, etc. This application is designed to be user-friendly at the same time back with blockchain technology. ANB Meet is also a hybrid video conferencing for it supports multi-lingual translations. If the speaker in the video conference speaks Chinese the listeners can translate it to English automatically and in real-time conferencing. This advance with Artificial Intelligence to solve the language barrier in communication.
DEX – Decentralized Exchange function that allows a peer-to-peer transaction to take place online securely and without the need of an intermediary. Having your DEX within a blockchain will lessen the time being lost (due to scattered online services) in every trader.
Centralized Exchange- ANB will also have its centralized exchange to add a private entity where it has its control to consider the demand of other traders and investors who wanted to have centrality.
NFT Marketplace- CREATE-TO-EARN is a concept that digitized assets especially arts through minting. ANB wanted to create a market where artist, creators, and collectors can market their artworks and earn from them.
Multi-chain Swap – ANB wants to give the users convenience for multi-chain swap helps users deploy projects with speed and establish certain private blockchains that can be used for financial transactions and exchanges to gain more.
Multi-Signature Wallet – A multi-signature wallet helps to get rid of security concerns that come with a single private key mechanism means that your assets have greater security from cyber-hacks. For cryptocurrency investors and traders, having a multi-signature wallet helps prevent unwarranted attention to your digital assets and gives security.
ANB Flash loans – Flash loans enable people to borrow money instantly and easily, no collateral is needed provided and the liquidity will return to the trading pool. This is also a decentralized system using cryptocurrency as assets. This flash loan uses smart contracts to set out terms and have security.
ANB Metaverse - this is a virtual reality platform where you can virtually meet people having a hologram vibe inside the computer. ANB will bring you to a real-life platform you could ever experience
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