Staking involves ANB holders placing their "bonded" tokens in a staking pool. Staking takes 1000ANB minimum to determine a validator. A holder can only stakes if it holds a minimum of 1000 ANB coins and stakes it may qualify as a validator.
With smart contracts, however, ANB has a flexible system to increase the ways of offering rewards through different programs.
Ex. rewards for:
1. Staking Wallet
2. Operating a Node
3. Market Making
4. Running a Certain type of dAPP
5. No limits of possibilities.
Therefore, ANB has endless possibilities of building different staking reward programs in the future that holders would enjoy.
Staking has a lot of possible ways in terms of giving rewards, hence ANB planning to implement different staking reward programs gradually. Thus, holders will enjoy and have a lot of benefits to grow their assets.
ANB implements its staking logic on its network. This means that token bonding or delegation happens within the ANB chain.
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